Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello World -- Hello Billy Dawson -- Hello Casey James

Hello world!
Ok, so where do I start… It’s actually been several months since I posted a blog…. The reason-- busy stuff, fun stuff, computer issues --you name it and let’s just roll it into a big ball and call it “LIFE!"

Side note: with respect to Life, God is good, I praise Him everyday, for every breath, for waking up in the morning and everything before—after—and in between. No matter what life brings, my God allows it to work for good. That is surely something I know and rest in. Thank you Lord!

Moving on--Interwoven among all the many factors of my not blogging was definitely enjoying music. Music that is uplifting, positive--has a beat and can dance to it …haha .. sorry, I think I was regressing to the American Bandstand criteria for rating good music for a moment. For those that don't get that comment, google is our friend...check it out :)

I want introduce you to an artist that I hope you begin to hear a lot about in the next few months and keep hearing about him for years to come!

While in Nashville, I ran into Billy Dawson -- a friend that the I "met" about a year ago. God says you will know one another by His love—I immediately knew Billy was a sweet brother the first time I read something he posted and it was confirmed the first time we spoke.

When I first heard Billy play it was apparent that he was blessed with talent, but until recently I had no clue that he was blessed with as much talent as he is! and he has been working very hard to perfect it. That being said, please keep your eyes and ears open for Billy Dawson.

(photo credit: Lacy Leigh Photography/Billy Dawson's myspace)

Billy has opened for Tim McGraw, Dierks Bentley (and a slew of other people you would recognize) and I believe it will not be long before he is opening to large crowds as the headliner. I heard several of his new songs including what I believe will be the first single on his debut CD--it is amazing. You cannot truly appreciate his guitar prowess on the song, but it does showcase his beautiful voice. (I know a guy's voice really isn't supposed to be described as beautiful, but hey, this is my blog and I call 'em as I see 'em :). I don't usually like to compare artists, but I'm putting it out there that Billy as an artist reminds me of Keith Urban in many ways. Billy though definitely is his own person, no copycat--and will make his own way following the plan God has laid out before him.

A video for the single, HOLD ON TO JULY is being shot sometime this week. I don’t know the plans regarding release of the cd, single, or video, but keep your eyes and ears open for it. Trust me here, you will love this guy! Remember the face and remember the name --Billy Dawson! Follow Billy on Twitter @billydawson1


(photo credit:

I am sad to say that I did not attend any of the shows during the American Idol Live Tour this year, but clearly Casey James is my favorite. His back story is inspiring and he appears to be a sweet and humble guy--the kind of artist that deserves to make it. I have enjoyed the southern rock, bluesy music since I was young. Casey has that southern, Texas, bluesy rock thing going on -- not only can sing, but he plays a mean stratocaster.

Casey's story of drive and determination to overcome adversity (the result of a motorcycle accident) reminds me so much of my old boyfriend's story, Bob Mayo (Yes--It is the same "Bob Mayo on keyboards, Bob Mayo on keyboards" of Frampton/Journey/Foreigner fame). Bobby also had a near fatal accident when he was in his teens. It crushed his face and his hand almost destroying his dreams to pursue music. Being told he would never play keyboards again, Bobby he took up guitar....and guess what, he became a master of both guitar and keyboards. Casey's mastering the strings is the true meaning of "no pain; no gain"! I believe Casey James will be around for a very long time and I am sure I will get to see him on his own tour. I pray he remains humble and God draws him closer. (p.s. I have been dubbed Goldicath -- a member of the International Goldsquad :)

A few others this Season 9 American Idol definitely are worth good listening---Sweet Mamasox (Crystal Bowersox) reminds me so much of Janis Joplin without the Southern Comfort influence (and yes, I actually do know of that which I speak -- I have a lenghthy Janis Joplin up close and personal experience)

I have not attended any Christian music concerts over the last few months, but as you know I enjoy other music as well, I will list some of the artists I have enjoyed (I know I am forgetting a few — oops):

- Bucky Covington (surprise surprise)

- Jimmy Wayne (surprise surprise)

- Jason Castro (surprise surprise)

- Jason Michael Carroll (surprise surprise)

- Michael Castro

- Joe Nichols

- Chris Young

- Camera Can’t Lie

- Rodney Atkins

- Laura Bell Bundy

- Jaron (Long Road to Love)

- Bo Bice

- Brantley Gilbert (UGA DAWG – Woof, Woof, Woof)

- Chris Janson

- Randy Houser

- Sara Evans

- Mark Chesnut

- William Riley

- Jessica Harp

- Blaine Larson

- Darius Rucker

- Rascal Flatts

Well, my pillow is calling my name....can't you hear it? Please come back tomorrow and read about MY walking halfway across America with Jimmy Wayne!


Billy Dawson said...

thanks for the compliments! peace sis

Cathy Anne said...

Love ya Billy!